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About our Camera Truck

The Camera Vehicle is designed with a mounting platform on the front and rear of the car as well as sideboard mounting. The front and rear mounts have 3/8” holes with 1” spacing. Battery boxes and equipment storage compartments are in the rear bed and behind the seats. It has a passenger seat in the cockpit and a seat mounted in the bed of the truck. The panels of the bed of truck are removable for the tighter shots and difficult angles. The exterior is flat black in color to avoid glare. The truck was designed to handle running higher speeds safely and precisely with the racecars. Wired helmets are provided. Additional information and pricing is available upon request. Contact Tami Parsnow at 704-454-6243 or 704-287-7092 (mobile) and at





Rear Seats & Front Mounts


Seat Cockpit with Monitor Mount

Removable Body Panels