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Team Challenges

Richard Petty Driving Experience for Business delivers the ultimate "vehicle" to capture attention, build awareness and brand recognition. We can customize a dedicated touring program to help draw attention to your business with fully integrated, turn-key promotional touring programs that drive traffic with the recognition of America's largest and fastest growing sport!

Show Cars

Richard Petty Driving Experience offers the most authentic and high-quality, touring vehicles around, just like those that race every week in NASCAR. Our Show Cars are available with a variety of sponsors and are available for your next event, promotion or trade show. 


Time Autocross provides an opportunity for participants to maneuver a street-car throughout a coned-off road course. Participants must drive as quickly as they can without knocking down any cones. Each fallen cone adds a second to their final time.

Simulator Pod

Get behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art interactive high-tech race-simulation Pod. The simulator pod allows you to engage in high speed NASCAR racing. It is fully mobile and can be custom decaled to your company's graphics.

Over the Wall Challenge

Teams work together to determine the best pit strategy and technique for members to rotate through the challenge. Each team member will have the opportunity to go ‘over-the-wall’ and climb into the window of a race car, then your partner buckles you into the five point harness. Once you complete the task, go over pit wall and tag the next team to prepare for the challenge.


Pit Stop Tire Challenge

The Pit Stop Tire Challenge, a great enhancement to team-building packages, is a fast-paced test of participants tire-changing skills under the pressure of a time trial scenario. Participants must quickly run to the front of the NASCAR fiberglass body, remove each of the five spring-loaded lug nuts and pull the wheel to signal the automated timer. The wheel does not come completely off, so the challenger must then push it back, tightly reset the lug nuts and run the air gun back to its holder to stop the clock. Each person runs through two time trials, and their best time is recorded.

Micro-Reality Racing

Feel the thrills chills and excitement of real stock car racing with our Micro-Reality Racing! Race up to six giant, replica NASCAR stock cars on this 30’x30’ banked track. The spectacular crashes, high speed spin-outs, and non-stop action make this the ultimate interactive, audience participation experience. The latest technology and design will make this the centerpiece of your event! 


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