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SRT Track Experience

Since 2007, RPDE has operated Daimler-Chrysler’s SRT Track Experience. The SRT Track Experience is a one-day driving experience designed for SRT owners and performance enthusiasts to connect with the SRT brand through an exciting day on the track driving SRT vehicles.

Significant advances to the program brought by RPDE to the Track Experience include: increased guest interaction with driving and course staff, use of competition to ramp up excitement, elimination of separate logistics company to handle car preparation and maintenance.

SRT Power Parties

RPDE also operates the SRT Power Parties. This event showcases the SRT product line to prospective buyers. Guests, invited by local dealers, have the opportunity to drive SRT vehicles on an autocross course as well as participate in a Thrill Ride – drifting through a course driven by an RPDE professional driver. Professional product presentations and displays and catered food are also part of the program.

Caliber SRT4 International Media Drive

Working with Chrysler’s Global Product and Marketing Group, RPDE hosted 48 members of the international media in Las Vegas to give the press the opportunity to put the new Caliber SRT4 through its paces. RPDE designed three modules for the event and reacted to the inevitable "special requests" of this important group. Media articles in Europe after this event highlighted the SRT4 as "the most powerful front wheel drive in the world", a "rocket in pocket format."