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Here are some examples of Mobile Marketing, Show Car and Commercial & Film Custom Events Richard Petty Driving Experience has facilitated over the years:


NASCAR Championship Week

In years past Richard Petty Driving Experience has provided cars to some of the top drivers to take their Victory Lap in, with over 100,000 fans watching the parade. Each race car that RPDE has provided had a second seat for a member of the media to ride in during the parade.


Aerosmith Video

Richard Petty Driving Experience partnered with ESPN for the opening video montage piece that was used to start every ESPN race broadcast in 2007. The band rewrote the lyrics to 'Back in Saddle Again' and the video was shot and produced on-site at an Aerosmith concert at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. RPDE provided two (2) custom designed and decaled race cars that were hung from the rafters of the Garden Arena at the MGM alone with stage props for the shoot.


Allstate TV Commercials

Our Commercial and Film division was a part of the production of the multi-year Allstate commercials featuring Kasey Kahne and the Allstate girls. Kasey Kahne’s then No. 9 race car provide by RPDE was featured with Kasey dancing around the race car as well as featured in the 2007 version where the race car was smashed by a giant tire. We provide the experience needed to make your product stand out - on-track or smashing a race car!


Meineke Car Care Bowl Car Wrap and Event

For the 8th straight years, Richard Petty Driving Experience has partnered with Raycom Sports and the Meineke Car Care Bowl to do a show car featuring the ACC and the Big East. The car is the center piece of an event at Charlotte Motor Speedway where the two teams in the bowl get to take high-speed Ride-Alongs with instructors from RPDE and the car is then placed outside Bank of America stadium on game day for fans to get their picture with. Pictured here are the 2007 Boston College Eagles Football team.


Custom Car or Car Wraps

Richard Petty Driving Experience can help design, implement and deliver a custom car wrap for show car appearances, ride and drive events as well as movie and commercial activation.