Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along - Richard Petty Driving Experience
Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along




Only $59, the Junior Ride-Along program at Walt Disney World Speedway provides children, who are 6-13 years of age and at least 48 inches in height, the opportunity to ride-along with either Aiken Axler or Sage VanDerSpin for three thrilling laps in a specially equipped two-seat Piston Cup race car. All Piston Cup cars are driven by a professional driving instructor for three thrilling laps.

The Junior Ride-Along program is offered between 9am to 4pm on days we are on track on a first come, first serve basis.

CLICK HERE to purchase your Orlando Junior Ride-Along! Reserved and (gift) card options are available.  It can be purchased day-of at the Walt Disney World Speedway track.



PISTON CUP CAR - Aiken Axler

"Number 28 Nitroade racer, Aiken Axler, captured the Vitoline Rookie of the Year honors in his first full season of Cup competition. He finished 12th, 7th, and 8th in the final point standings over a three-year period. Off the track, Axler enjoys maintaining his top racing form by doing laps daily and practicing a form of meditation called Tai Rod.


PISTON CUP CAR - Sage VanDerSpin

"Youngest winner of the Junior Piston Cup Pro Series, VanDerSpin entered the Piston Cup Series already a highly decorated racer. His favorite trackside pastime is dodgeball. Several of his fellow racers play with him as well, but it's the Pitties who are the toughest competition on the dodgeball court, says VanDerSpin, because they're small, fast, and they have forks!"