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Program Curriculum

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Safe Driving Program Curriculum

Classroom Modules can include:

  • Vehicle Safety and Operations
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driving While Distracted
  • Effects of Driving while Impaired
  • Driving Strategies


Driving Modules


  • Series of exercises on both wet and dry surfaces to instruct students on how much distance is needed to stop a vehicle at different speeds
  • Exercises include using a cell phone to text while driving to demonstrate how distractions impair the ability to stop a vehicle

Reaction time / Obstacle Avoidance

  • Balancing the relationship of speed, distance, and vision in both wet and dry conditions
  • Traffic lights instruct the students to avoid one of three lanes to simulate the avoidance of obstacles in one of the lanes

Loss of Control / Skid Pad

  • Students are instructed how to safely regain control of their vehicle in compromising situations
  • Sometimes a skid cannot be prevented, car control skills are needed to help avoid a crash or loss of life


  • Tailgating is one of the leading factors causing crashes
  • Petty Safe Driving Program features a ‘patent pending’ device that allows students to safely simulate the hazards of tailgating