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The Head to Head Challenge

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This street car race pits two participants against each other in a timed competition in the ultimate Head to Head Challenge. Participants must maneuver through a tight, coned-off road course. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you battle against your peers in an elimination-style competition. Competition is scored on a point system, a false start or downed cone will count against your score. You’ll need both speed and skill to win bragging rights in this round. Program has a capacity of 80 people per hour.

The Full Throttle Challenge

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The purest form of motorsports: 2 people, 2 cars…who is faster? Line up side by side, hit the throttle & race to the finish. drag race. Just like the pros, you line up at the “Christmas Tree.” When the lights go green, the race is on. Speed helps, but since we provide equal cars, it’s the driver who makes the difference. Like real competition, racing luck can shine on anyone, meaning that all of your guests are capable of winning, even if they’ve never drag raced before. Full Throttle Challenge is a great addition to your day at the track, or as a standalone event. Program has a capacity of 100 people per hour.

Dodge SRT-8 Drift Cab

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Jump in, buckle up, and hold on as you experience a tire smoking, engine revving, thrill of a lifetime as our professional driving instructor takes you on an unforgettable drifting experience in the Dodge SRT-8 Drift Cab. Feel the horsepower flow through your body during this multi-lap thrill ride on a specially designed course. This experience will showcase the unmatched control and precision of each 450 hp model vehicle that feels as if you are completely out of control. It’s the wildest ride you will ever take!