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Feel the thrill of authentic NASCAR race car action first-hand from the passenger seat as you experience side-by-side racing, drafting, passing and more!

Richard Petty Driving Experience for Business is taking you one step closer to experiencing first-hand the thrill and excitement of NASCAR racing with our Ultimate Race Experience (URE) Ride-Along program.

Your day begins with an introductory session in the media center. You'll climb in your driving suit and head to pit row with your team to meet your driver. Each team works together to determine the best pit strategy and technique for members to rotate through pit crew duties, acting as bucklers, sign holders, window washers and more. Then the first rider is buckled in the car while the rest of the crew prepares for some fast-paced pit stop action!

After the drivers scuff their tires and prepare to race, the flagman drops the green and the race is on. The yellow flag is dropped after the first round and all cars return to the pits. The competition really heats up as the first passenger climbs out of the car and the pit crew gets to work.

Just like real NASCAR racing, the team with the best pit stop usually ends up in winner's circle so speed, accuracy and consistency are essential each time the car enters the pits. Each team must complete all tasks before their car races to the inspection line to secure a top position on the starting grid. RPDE officials inspect each car for race-readiness and assess a penalty for any infractions, which can result in your car being sent to start at the back of the pack!

Following inspection, the cars roar to life and take to the track again. Cheer your driver on as the pace car leads the pack back to the battleground. When the flag drops, the high-speed adventure continues as cars race, pass and draft toward the waving checkered flag and a Victory Lane celebration!

Have your group be a part of the Ultimate Race Experience for your next corporate or client event. Contact our Business Team today!