Interesting Facts - RPDE Info - Richard Petty Driving Experience



  • In 2008 RPDE ran at over 20 NASCAR tracks nationwide for a combined 1,100 days
  • Ran 1,800,000 miles on track
  • Completed over 37,000 driving experiences, 55,000 Ride-Alongs and over 900 group/corporate events.
  • Used 9,800 Goodyear Tires and 280,000 gallons of Sunoco Race Fuel
  • Students are permitted to drive at the level they are comfortable, up to the estimated goal speed set for each experience.
  • Each lap is tracked with timing and scoring software; at closing ceremonies students are given their individual time sheets with their graduation packet.
  • Instructors always have radio contact with flagman, pit road instructor and coordinator.


  • NASCAR race car bodies including: Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Toyota.
  • 4 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Cast Iron Block Engine: 358 Cubic Inches: 600 Horsepower.
  • Our fleet of over 100 NASCAR race cars rotate through a quality assurance maintenance program.
  • To ensure the utmost quality and safety, all cars are built in our fabrication shop to our technical specifications.