Our driving experiences are structured so the more time you spend on the race track, the more comfortable you will feel in the race car on the race track. Most guest will be able to handle faster speeds the more comfortable they feel, so usually the more track time you buy, the faster you will go. We have rev limiters in the cars to control the top speeds a car will run on their last session, in our 5-16 minutes the cars will run up to 5000 RPM’s, 24-40 minutes the cars will run up to 5400 RPM’s, 48 minutes the cars will run up to 5600 RPM’s, Advanced Driving Experience the cars will run up to 5800 RPM’s. the guest personal racing instructor will determine whether the guest is capable of running any faster, the changing to the next level RPM’s is no guarantee, you must show your personal racing instructor that you are capable of running faster speeds by running the correct driving line we teach you during your classroom session.  RPM’s may vary based on track size.