At NASCAR Racing Experience and Mario Andretti Racing Experience, safety is our number one priority. With the recent development of the Coronavirus, we would like to share some of our best practices and procedures on safety and cleanliness in a Frequently Asked Questions format.

Is the racing experience held at an indoor venue?

No. The racing experience is offered outdoors, at the racetrack in an open air environment. The customer experience is in race cars which are either open cock pit (Indy-style race cars) or open window (NASCAR Race Cars) The only portion of the experience offered in doors is the Drivers Meeting which is for Drivers only. In effort to help we are only allowing drivers in the drivers meeting at this time. Guests are welcome to attend and wait outside during the drivers meeting.

What measures are you taking to help?

Many safety measures have been put into place in addition to our normal safety protocols.  Before wearing a helmet, a disposable head sock will be given to you to wear. This head sock will be thrown away after you use it. Steering wheels will be wiped down with disinfectant. Racing suits will be washed after every event. Helmets will be sprayed with disinfectant and cleaned thoroughly. Bathrooms are provided including soap to wash your hands.   And our staff will keep their hands clean not only by washing hands but by using hand sanitizer as much as possible. Riders must wear face masks for ride alongs.  Everyone is asked to practice social distancing.  The Driver’s Meeting is being limited to drivers only.  And all guests are required to get a no touch, digital temperature check before entering the race track.

For more information on the disinfectants being used for your safety, please visit   and Bio Shield 75

I feel sick. Should I attend?

No. If you feel sick, please call customer service to reschedule your reservation for another date and time when you are feeling better.

I am coming from outside the US and can not get there. What should I do?

Please email customer service at We will be happy to assist you in rescheduling to a later date or issue you a store credit that never expires and may be used at any of our nationwide speedways.

Are you cancelling?

No. We are planning to run as scheduled at this time.

What is the Covid-19 Surcharge?

This $5 fee covers additional expenses added to ensure the safety of our customers and staff including the highly enhanced sanitation and safety procedures plus personal protection gear for our employees.