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Richard Petty Driving Experience- Authentic NASCAR Entertainment. Drive NASCAR Race Cars. Passing is Allowed. In Car Radio Communications. Attend Driver's Meeting with Crew Chief. Nationwide Speedways. NEW Experiences and NEW Prices.


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Don’t want to drive a NASCAR race car? Go for the NASCAR Ride Along. You’ll ride shot gun for 3 laps at top speeds in a real NASCAR race car as a passenger with a professional racing instructor driving. Get the NASCAR Ride Along today.

# Ride of your life.

SALE: $99.99-$135.99 ($149.99 value)

Junior Ride Along: For kids!  $79.99 ($99.99 value)  JUNIOR RIDE CLICK HERE




NEW RIDE! It’s DOUBLE the Ride! Sit back and hold on tight as you ride shot gun in the passenger seat of a real NASCAR race car with an instructor driving for DOUBLE the laps! Plus you’ll go to the FRONT of the Ride Line! This 6 lap NASCAR Ride Along will fulfill your need for speed. It’s an amazing NASCAR Ride Along Experience with the Double Ride Along!

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SALE: $199.99-$259.99  (Retail: $299.99)




Goin’ to the race?  Take a NASCAR Ride Along during RACE WEEKEND or on RACE DAY!  The Race Day Ride is an exclusive NASCAR experience. Sit back and hold on tight as you ride shot gun in a real NASCAR race car for a 3 lap NASCAR Ride Along at top speeds.

Exclusively offered at Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 2nd and
Daytona International Speedway July 5th & 6th


Retail: $159.




Voted “Most Popular Experience” for a reason. In this NASCAR driving experience we call “The Rookie” you drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for an 8 minute timed racing session on one of the nation’s premier speedways. More driving time makes this a better experience for “rookies”.  Have no regrets! Guaranteed to be an amazing NASCAR experience.  Go for the Rookie and Book Today!


SALE: $319.99- $449.99  Retail: $599.99


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Get a taste of racing with the Practice!  You drive a NASCAR race car in the Practice for a 5 minute timed racing session on one of the nations premier speedways by yourself! The Practice is the most economical driving experience offered at NASCAR Racing Experience with up to a 50% savings. What a deal!  Buy a Practice Driving Experience today!


SALE: $199.99-$299.99  ($399.99 value)




Recommended by Race Fans for an amazing experience! You get double the drive time! Following Driver’s Meeting you drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for (2) 8 minute sessions back to back racing sessions with a brief pit stop in between. Double the drive time is double the experience! Go for the Kings Experience, it’s worth it!

SALE: $639.99-$849.99 (Retail: $1099.99)



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Drive faster speeds in the Checkered Flag Experience. Drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for (3) 8 minute racing sessions all back to back. That’s a total of 24 minutes behind the wheel with pit stops in between every racing session! The Checkered Flag experience is guaranteed to be an thrill like no other!

SALE: $959.99-$1249.99  (Retail: $1599.99)



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For the racing enthusiast! You’re in control as you drive (4) 8 minute timed racing sessions all back to back with brief pit stops in between. You’re driving on track driving by yourself for a total of 32 minutes working on going faster speeds each and every session. It’s the “Experience of a Lifetime” for race fans.

SALE: $1279.99-$1649.99   (Retail: $2099.99)


TOP PICKS for FASTER SPEEDS. Choose from these exhilarating experiences!



Take it to Victory Lane as you drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for (5) 8 minute timed racing sessions all back to back with pit stops in between working on driving faster speeds every session. That’s a total of 40 exhilarating minutes of on track time working on achieving top speeds.  And in between each 8 minute racing session pull into the pits for a brief pit stop, then head back out on the track for another round of driving.  The Victory Lane gets you jut enough track time to see what you got behind the wheel.  This NASCAR Experience is one to brag about in Victory Lane for sure plus the perfect GIFT for this Holiday Season.

We’ll see you in Victory Lane!


SALE: $1599.99-$2049.99  (Retail: $2599.99)



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The World Champion is by far one of the best one day driving experiences offered at NASCAR Racing Experience! You drive a NASCAR race car for (6) back to back 8 minute solo racing sessions, a total of 48 minutes on track. Plus you’ll pull into the pit for pit stops in between all racing sessions to receive one on one feed back from your personal spotter. Work on achieving your top speeds each and every racing session in this amazing World Champion experience. The World Champion is recommended for the hard core racer and race fan. Plus the World Champion is now offered at all of the nationwide race tracks on every date when space is available!

GIVE the World Champion Experience this Holiday Season to that special someone of GIVE the World Champion to Yourself!

SALE: $1919.99-$2449.99 (Retail: $3099.99)




Are you ready to take your driving skills to the next level? The Advanced Racing Experience is designed for the die-hard racer. The “Experience of a Lifetime”, Victory Lane” or “World Champion” courses are pre-requisites for admission to this, the highest level driving experience. The greatly intensified personal instruction makes drivers who take this 40-lap program feel like they’re getting ready to take on Richard Petty. Between your 4 driving sessions of 10 laps each, drivers will receive one-on-one feedback from the Pit Road Instructor, as well as additional instruction from the on-track driving instructor.  All laps and sessions are a lead follow with instructor allowing drivers to safely achieve the fastest speeds possible.  The Advanced Experience is by far the fastest NASCAR driving experience offered.

$3599.99 Charlotte Motor Speedway        $3999.99 Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway


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NASCAR driving experience

Richard Petty Driving Experience- Drive a NASCAR Race Car at Richard Petty Driving Experience!

Welcome to Richard Petty Driving Experience, Authentic NASCAR Entertainment. We put YOU in the drivers seat of a NASCAR race car that you can drive by yourself!  This NASCAR Experience offered at Richard Petty Driving Experience will be the most authentic NASCAR driving experience or racing school you’ve ever attend. And driving Experiences at Richard Petty Driving Experience are offered at 18 of the nation’s premier speedways.

Driving Experiences are at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Auto Club Speedway CA, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Dover International Raceway, Homestead Miami Speedway, Kentucky Motor Speedway, Myrtle Beach Speedway SC, Michigan International Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Phoenix International Raceway, Richmond International Raceway, Talladega Superspeedway AL, Texas Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, Kansas Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

Richard Petty Driving Experience offers E-Gift Cards do not expire and are good for any of the locations or you can make a reservation to secure your once in a lifetime driving experience. Don’t want to drive a race car? NASCAR Ride Alongs are available for those who want to ride and not drive. Make your dream a reality today and sign up for Richard Petty Driving Experience, an authentic NASCAR experience! Celebrate the Daytona 500 and beginning of race season with a Sale!

NASCAR Racing Experience offers a NASCAR driving experience like no other driving experience. Because NASCAR Racing Experience is not the Richard Petty driving experience or Dale Jarret Racing Experience you will see a huge difference. NASCAR Racing Experience is the true NASCAR driving experience that offers real NASCAR race cars that have been driven by NASCAR drivers including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and other NASCAR superstars. Richard Petty driving experience was where it started, NASCAR Racing Experience is where it is today. NASCAR has been around for decades including the Daytona 500 race with drivers like Benny Parsons, Richard Petty, Tim Richmond and many others. NASCAR Racing Experience is built on NASCAR experiences making dreams a reality every day.

In conclusion its time to make your dream a reality. Drive a Race Car! Do a Driving Experience. Take a NASCAR Ride Along! Buy NASCAR Driving Experience! Do the Richard Petty Driving Experience! Driving Experiences in NASCAR race cars.